Covid-19 Screening
COVID-19 Rapid Test



Dear Patient, 
By popular demand, we are now offering COVID-19 rapid drive-up testing service to our community. 

About Our COVID-19 Test

  • Antigen test that requires a nasal swab, and is used to detect active COVID-19 infection. 

  • FDA approved.

  • Accuracy rate >97%.

  • Takes only 15-20 minutes to get results. 

  • This test is most effective from 1-7 days of symptoms.

  • The test will also detect the virus in A-symptomatic patients. 

  • This test is considered comparable to the PCR test for diagnosis.

2 Ways to Schedule Your Test (Appointment ONLY Please)

  • TEXT us at (951) 364-2185 with your name, date of birthemail, and “COVID-19”

  • Call us at (951) 302-2526 to schedule

How Much Does it Cost?
Our introductory price is $109.99 per test for Non-Concierge Members, our Concierge Member discounted price is $69.99 per test. See other concierge member benefits here.

We are currently only offering this test for self-pay patients. 
We hope you find this information helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at:

Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you,

Richard Rawson, DO
Ryan Rowan, PA-C
Mandie Alvarez, FNP-C
Along with TMG supporting staff

Q&A About Our Test

Q: What brand rapid test do you use?

A: We are currently using the Sofia2 SARS Antigen FIA; EUA by FDA on 05/08/2020. 

Q: Does insurance cover the cost of the test?

A: Most insurance covers the cost of the COVID test if it's medically necessary. In that case, please schedule a visit with your doctor. 

Mon - Fri | 830am -530pm

44054 Margarita Rd. Suite 1, Temecula, CA 92592  

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