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Patient Rights & Responsibilities


Protecting the interests of patients and their families

Temecula Medical Group (TMG) is committed towards delivering quality services and ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. We aim to serve you, our patients and your families by providing quality healthcare built on values of compassion, integrity, and collaboration. As your healthcare provider, our medical professionals endeavour to treat your medical condition and safeguard your well-being regardless of your age, language, race, religion or social status.

At TMG, your medical care is provided by a team of male and female healthcare professionals who are duly licensed by local authorities.

Care and respect

1. At TMG, you shall be treated with dignity and in a humane and safe environment. Your personal safety includes being free from physical restraints or seclusion, unless required as part of your overall medical treatment. Appropriate protection will be accorded to people with disability, elderly and those with special needs.

2. We respect your personal values, religious and ethnic beliefs and need for privacy. You may express your religious and/or ethnic practices so long as they do not cause disharmony or conflict to others. If you require support in this area, please inform your provider. 

3. Making decisions about medical treatment for a serious illness can be difficult for you and your family. We will discuss with you and your family and if necessary, seek the advice of the outside specialists. We respect and comply with your decisions made in accordance with your Advance Medical Directiveif you have made one.

4. You have the right to seek a second medical opinion within or outside the hospital.

Confidentiality and privacy

1. We keep records of all patient visits and are bound by law and professional ethics to keep your medical records, including Electronic Medical Records2 and all aspects of care rendered to you, strictly confidential.

2. This information will only be shared by those involved in providing care for you.

3. In certain circumstances, we may be required by the law to disclose the information, such as for the purpose of notification of infectious diseases.

4. Other than the abovementioned instances, we will obtain written authorization from you should we need to release your information to a third party.

5. We will conduct consultations, examinations, treatments and case discussions discreetly and with respect to your personal privacy.

Explanation and information about your treatment and outcomes

1. You are entitled to information on your medical condition, conveyed in a way you can understand. This information shall include, except in emergencies and where applicable:

      • Treatment options (including surgery process)
      • Known outcome
      • Known risks of treatment
      • Known risks and consequences of non-treatment
      • Estimated hospital bill
      • Plan for your continuous care after discharge
      • The names of the healthcare professionals responsible for your treatment

2.In addition, you may also request for:

      • A copy of your medical report in accordance with the offices policy
      • An explanation of your charges

The information provided will help you decide whether to give consent to, or refuse the proposed treatment and/or procedure.

1. If the doctor advises a patient to go to the emergency room for urgent medical attention and the patient refuses, they may be asked to sign an Against Medical Advice (AMA) form. This form acknowledges that the patient has been informed of the risks of not following medical advice and chooses to decline recommended treatment. It is intended to ensure that patients fully understand the potential consequences of their decision. You will accept full responsibility for consequences as a result of your decision.

2. You will be informed of the outcome of the planned treatment and unanticipated outcome, if any.


Before conducting a clinical research involving human subjects, we are required to obtain the written consent of the patient to participate in the research project. You can choose to refuse to participate or opt out at any point during the research project after giving your written consent. Your decision of non-participation will not compromise the level of care you are entitled to.


Your responsibilities

While we have a responsibility to safeguard your interests as our patient, it is important for you to play your part in the entire treatment process. We want to give you the best possible care that meets your needs and address the anxieties of your family. We ask that you and your family:


1. Provide complete information on your medical history (including allergies and medicines you are taking), financial circumstances and other relevant details to enable us to help you. This also includes sensitive medical information, such as termination of pregnancy, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status, mental illnesses, which may be shared among the healthcare team participating in your medical care. This is to ensure safe and optimal medical management of your health. Please be assured that the information will be managed in accordance with the prevailing laws.

2. Comply with the treatment plans given to you by our healthcare professionals.

3. Inform us when you encounter problems that prevent you from complying with the treatment plans.

4. Inform us of any changes in your medical condition.

5. Be responsible in timely payment of required fees and charges for the medical services rendered to you.

6. Appoint a decision-maker to represent your wishes about your care to us in the event that you are unable to do so.

7. Treat all staff, other patients and visitors with due respect and courtesy.

8. Comply with the office regulations. 

9. Ask questions when you are unsure of any instructions so that we know you are capable of taking care of yourself at home after discharge.



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