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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Temecula Medical Group

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After a car accident, it’s easy to get caught up in the commotion and the steps you need to take to repair or replace your car. Yet, medical care is critical after a motor vehicle accident. At the Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California, Richard Rawson, DO, and his team evaluate motor vehicle accident injuries even when they cause no symptoms. Reserve your appointment for an exam today over the phone or online.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Q & A

What are motor vehicle accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents usually happen suddenly and can cause injuries even at a low speed. The collisions are caused by distractions, miscommunications with other drivers, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol or a drug, and speeding.

It’s necessary to get a medical exam after an accident to determine if you’ve suffered injuries you’re not immediately aware of.

The Temecula Medical Group team will examine you after a motor vehicle accident and treat your injuries. While some injuries can be severe enough to require surgery, others are minor and can be managed with home care and maybe some medication.

Which injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents?

If you’re in a car accident, you can be injured in many ways. Some injuries happen because parts of your body are crushed, while others happen because of the high-speed, back-and-forth impact. Whiplash injuries, for example, are soft-tissue injuries that happen in motor vehicle accidents as your neck jolts rapidly one way and then in the opposite direction.

Some specific injuries that can happen in a motor vehicle accident are:

  • Scrapes and bruises
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Soft-tissue strains
  • Internal organ injuries

A motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event that can have long-term effects on your health that aren’t physical. For example, it’s possible to develop a mental health condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following a car accident. PTSD can cause long-term anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks.

What should I do after a motor vehicle accident?

Even if it seems like the accident was minor and you’re in little or no pain, you should schedule an exam at the Temecula Medical Group to be safe. The team examines you and will have you perform simple tests and tasks that can identify injuries (like concussions) that you might not know about otherwise.

The team could order X-rays or other imaging tests to check your brain and body for clear signs of injuries that you can’t feel or see from the outside. The team documents their findings so that you have a record of your injuries if you need documentation for insurance purposes.

If you get into a motor vehicle accident and need a medical exam, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today over the phone or online at Temecula Medical Group.