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Wound Care

Temecula Medical Group

Concierge Primary Care & Wellness Clinic located in Temecula, CA

If you’ve suffered an open cut or sore, proper wound care is essential to prevent infections like sepsis. At the Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California, Richard Rawson, DO, and the team provide basic wound care to promote healing and minimize your risk of infection. We provide treatment for minor wounds and lacerations (services typical of a primary care clinic).  We are not a wound care clinic. 

Wound Care Q & A

What is wound care?

Wound care is the evaluation, management, and treatment of nonhealing wounds. The purpose of wound care is to stimulate healing and prevent infection. Many slow- or nonhealing wounds leave your deeper tissues vulnerable to infection and damage. Without proper healing, the wound can grow and fester. Sometimes, nonhealing wounds even lead to amputation.  If you are unsure if you need to meet with a wound care specialist or if your primary care provider can help you with your wound care needs, we would be happy to see you and help determine if you need additional specialty services.