Concierge Medicine: It's Not Just For the Wealthy

Concierge Medicine: It's Not Just For the Wealthy

Concierge medicine sounds expensive — even the word concierge implies wealth. However, many clinics are now emphasizing one-on-one doctor visits in their primary care memberships, cutting out the insurance company for basic care and making seeing a doctor easier and more affordable.

At Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California, Richard Rawson, DO, and his team provide concierge medical services, making a wider range of health care more accessible and affordable for local residents.  

Understanding concierge medicine 

The resurgence of concierge medicine is no surprise. Many people feel alienated by the current system, bouncing between doctors and struggling to make appointments. 

Even once they make it to the clinic, they feel overlooked in favor of ushering in the next patient on the list. Now recent events have further increased the demand for at-home services. 

Primary care memberships strip back the third parties and deductibles from your plan, offering transparency and accessibility in return. Not only will your doctor see you on-demand, but they will also take the time to build rapport, listen to your concerns, and discuss solutions — all for a flat monthly fee.

Benefits of a concierge primary care membership 

A concierge service is not a replacement for an actual insurance plan, but a supplement. You still need coverage in case of emergencies, hospital stays, and specialists, but joining a membership can give you plenty of perks when it comes to your primary care. These include:

You also get discounts on in-house x-ray, labs, some medications, and medical supplies.

Picking a plan 

Part of making our concierge primary care program affordable was creating multiple membership plans. Every patient has different needs, and there’s no use paying for services that you won’t use. At Temecula Medical Group, we offer three payment tiers: 

Concierge Essentials

This is a basic package that includes almost all of our services, ranging from tests and prescriptions to injury care. You receive four clinical visits per year, available Monday-Friday during business hours. This is ideal for relatively healthy people who want to improve the quality of their care. 

Concierge Essentials Plus 

If you require additional services like medical weight loss, osteopathic manipulation, or minor surgeries, the Essentials Plus plan includes all of those and double the number of clinical visits.

Concierge Prime  

This is the ultimate membership plan, putting you at the top of our priority list. You receive full access to all of our services, including aesthetic treatments and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Our physicians are available 24/7, and you can ask for as many clinical visits as you need. 

We also offer child and family plans for Prime members, making it easy to sign up your entire household. Payments are flat, monthly fees paid by you or your employer, and cost transparency makes it easy to keep up with how much you’re spending on medical care. 

To learn more about our membership plans, call 951-226-9241 or request a consultation online

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