Fluctuating Hormones Have You Feeling Out of Sorts?

Fluctuating Hormones Have You Feeling Out of Sorts?

Hormone fluctuations are par for the course for both males and females, especially during puberty. Women also see fluctuations during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and the postpartum months. Both men and women experience a dip in hormones as part of the natural aging process, and while this is normal, it can leave you feeling out of sorts.

At Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California, Richard Rawson, DO, and his team offer hormone replacement therapy to both men and women. Our convenient hormone therapy membership enables you to receive all of your hormone replacement without any fuss.

In this article, Dr. Rawson highlights the top signs you’re dealing with a hormone imbalance and how hormone replacement therapy can help you feel like yourself again.

Are you dealing with a hormone imbalance?

Mood swings and night sweats are two well-known signs of hormonal fluctuations, but the reality is that hormone imbalances cause many symptoms. Menopause and andropause can contribute to the following symptoms:

Together, these symptoms can leave you feeling less than refreshed and not quite yourself. Many of these symptoms can occur with other conditions 一 like diabetes or thyroid disorders 一so it’s important to receive an accurate diagnosis before embarking on a treatment plan. Hormone imbalances are easily diagnosed with a blood test that measures your hormone levels. 

Balancing your hormones

There are many lifestyle modifications that can help you regulate your hormones. This includes regular exercise, eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, managing stress levels, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep. 

Sometimes, though, despite the best habits, lifestyle adjustments aren’t enough to balance your hormones. That’s where hormone replacement therapy comes into the picture.

At Temecula Medical Group, we restore your hormonal balance with either synthetic options or bioidentical hormones 一 a type of hormone replacement therapy that uses natural, plant-based compounds. Hormone replacement therapy comes in many forms, including:

Hormone replacement therapy is customized based on your specific hormonal needs. For your comfort, our team has both male and female providers on staff. When enrolling into our hormone replacement membership, you can expect the following:

Throughout treatment, you return to our office once a month for ongoing monitoring. We continue to check your hormone levels so that you always receive the just-right-for-you amount of hormones. 

Feel like yourself again

While you won’t feel better overnight, you’ll notice that you feel more and more like yourself a few weeks into your journey with hormone replacement therapy. 

Curious if your hormones are to blame for feeling out of sorts? Or want to learn more about our services, our concierge care, and our hormone replacement membership? Schedule a consultation by calling our office at 951-254-3905 or requesting an appointment online today.

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