How to Get Medical Assistance With Concierge Primary Care

How to Get Medical Assistance With Concierge Primary Care

Have you ever been talking to your doctor during an appointment, only to see them glance at the clock because they’re worried about all the patients that are waiting to see them, not to mention the ones they’ll need to “squeeze in”? It doesn’t feel good for either the patient or the doctor, actually.

Our team of experts knows that feeling of wanting to spend more time with a patient and feeling rushed. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

The Temecula Medical Group team offers a membership-based care model called concierge primary care that’s gained popularity, primarily because patients want more personalized care — and physicians want to deliver it.

The concierge care model

It took decades for the “perfect storm” to form in American medical care: a frustrating blend of insurance red tape, a primary care provider deficit, and not nearly enough time to deliver truly personalized care. 

We’ve all been there, feeling rushed through our appointment, whether it’s for an annual physical, management of a chronic condition, or addressing a rash that just showed up.

There’s also the inevitability of realizing hours or days after your appointment that you forgot to ask a key question, or you simply don’t remember every part of the instructions your doctor gave you. 

You might decide to forget about asking the question and just guess what to do because the thought of waiting a week or more for an appointment or breaking through the busy phone lines is too daunting. 

Concierge care was developed to address these exact concerns by:

How does the concierge model accomplish this? By streamlining the entire care process. As a concierge primary care/medicine patient, you pay a monthly fee for liberal access to your doctor, an established number of well visits and sick visits, and perks that traditional care simply doesn’t offer.

In turn, your doctor takes on a significantly smaller patient load, so they’re there for you when you need them. This translates to more targeted care with an in-person or telehealth visit. It enhances your doctor’s ability to oversee your routine care and chronic health conditions, and to keep a much closer eye on you from a preventive perspective. 

How do I get assistance from my doctor as a concierge care member?

If you need to speak with any of our team members, you can contact us by email, phone, or text if you have a concern that’s simple and can be resolved quickly. 

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment, we can get you on the calendar promptly to address your concern. It can be in the form of a telehealth or in-person office visit — whichever is more convenient for you. 

Gone are the days when your first thought is whether our office is officially open. Becoming one of our concierge members means that you can get help from us exactly when you need it, because we all know that health issues don’t conveniently pop up Monday through Friday. 

The importance of a connected concierge care network

We team up with you to create a set of health care goals and the steps that you can take to achieve them, as well as a plan to ensure that you get the health screenings that are appropriate for you. And since we believe in treating the whole patient, we’re interested in both your physical and emotional well-being. 

Simply put, concierge care fits perfectly with our philosophy of care at Temecula Medical Group. The direct access that it allows you as a patient is the very definition of personalized care. 

Call us today at 951-254-3905 and schedule a consultation to learn more about becoming a concierge primary care member, or contact us through our website. It might just be the best health decision you ever make!

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