Invest in Your Health and Body with Concierge Medicine

Invest in Your Health and Body with Concierge Medicine

Taking care of your body and "investing" in your health should be a personal, daily commitment, not something you have to do only when you get sick or suffer an injury. Just like skipping dessert at Christmas or trying to join a fun run once a year doesn’t really help your health, only seeing a doctor when you’re unwell or for an annual physical won’t support whole-body health.

At Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California, Richard Rawson, DO and his team provide concierge medical services, delivering customized healthcare free from limits or constraints.

Introducing concierge medical care 

If you haven’t heard of concierge medicine, you’re not alone. It’s something formerly reserved for the rich and famous, but with the cost of healthcare rising, more and more people are choosing to invest directly in their health so they can make their bodies strong and reduce illnesses and related expenses in the future.

This means that the field of concierge medicine is growing at a rate of 3%-6% each year. Our concierge medicine plan has three tiers of membership, with a low monthly fee that gives you access to qualified medical care 24/7. Our physicians partner with you in your care, much like a personal trainer at a gym, keeping you on the path to continued and improved good health. 

The benefits of investing in concierge medical care

Your membership at Temecula Medical Group comes with the following benefits:

1. Reduced wait times

Hate waiting for ages to get an appointment, then sitting in reception for hours and worrying about getting some illness from the person next to you? One in three concierge practices indicate their patients have zero wait times, and a matching number have wait times of less than five minutes. We can offer same-day visits, after-hours visits, and virtual visits, and you’ll typically be seen very quickly.  

2. More face time with your doctor

When you do finally see a doctor at a crowded traditional practice, you’ll be lucky to warrant 20 minutes of their time (and they’ll have to spend half of that inputting information about you into their system). We don’t have to rush patients to meet a daily quota of appointments to keep our doors open, so you and your doctor can take the time to get to know each other better.

3. A comprehensive health profile

We work with you to build customized health care plans to help you in your efforts to feel good. And our providers create a clear picture of every system in your body. This lets us develop a baseline for your health that can be measured against as we personalize your health care program.

4. Broader health coverage

Concierge medicine lets you control your healthcare costs. When combined with simple gap or catastrophic health insurance coverage, it ensures you spend more of your dollars on improving your actual health and less on premiums.

Membership in our medical group could mean achieving the best health of your life — but it only works if you take advantage of it. To learn more about our affordable tiers of coverage, schedule a consultation with the team at Temecula Medical Group today. You can reach us by calling 951-254-3905, or request an appointment online.

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