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How to Use Concierge Membership with Your PPO Insurance

How to Use Concierge Membership with Your PPO Insurance

If you’re like most Americans, you value having a meaningful relationship with your physician so you can get the personalized care you need when you need it. In fact, a recent survey showed 89% of US adults feel this way, yet nearly a quarter don’t have a primary doctor.

At Temecula Medical Group board-certified physician Dr. Richard H. Rawson and our team of providers offer concierge primary care to patients at our Temecula, California, office so we can give you the personalized care you need.

While concierge medicine used to only be available to the rich and famous, medical practices around the nation are turning to this membership-based style of health care to give patients access to excellent medical services and physicians at an affordable rate. 

Here’s a look how you can pair the concierge membership at Temecula Medical Group with your PPO insurance for the best health care possible. 

Understanding concierge primary care

Concierge medicine is a way for medical providers to offer services to patients in exchange for an upfront fee. Many times, patients pay these fees on a monthly basis as part of a membership-based plan. 

With concierge primary care, you get personalized care and direct access to your medical providers. Since concierge primary care charges you directly and not your insurance, there’s less paperwork involved and your provider can usually treat you in a more streamlined manner. 

Other benefits of concierge primary care include:

You get these benefits because concierge primary care allows your provider to limit the number of patients seen so they can spend more time with you, giving you the personalized, unrushed attention you deserve. 

Keep in mind that with concierge primary care, any visits to specialists, emergency rooms, and hospitals won’t be covered with your membership. 

Using PPO insurance with concierge primary care

First, it’s important to understand concierge primary care isn’t the same as health care insurance. This subscription-based membership service offers a way to get ongoing comprehensive health care in return for a monthly fee. 

At Temecula Medical Group, our patients find pairing concierge primary care with their PPO insurance gives them the best health care possible. Preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance plans are designed to cover unexpected health care costs, such as hospitalizations, visits to specialist providers (e.g., dermatology; urology), and emergency care. 

The good news is that PPOs offer more freedom than health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance plans. Generally, this means that with PPO insurance you won’t need referrals to see specialists and you have more options when it comes to selecting providers. 

Concierge primary care means you get direct access to the most commonly needed health care services — without the red tape and confusion associated with insurance companies. At the same time, having PPO insurance means you’re still covered for emergencies and additional services, like imaging, labs, specialty care, and major surgeries. 

Concierge primary care at Temecula Medical Group

Different medical practices structure concierge primary care in different ways. At Temecula Medical Group, our providers offer a 3-tiered program, allowing you to choose the option that meets your financial and medical needs:

We recommend reviewing our detailed membership plans to better understand which services and benefits are included in the different tiers. If you’re not sure which tier is right for you, schedule an appointment for a personalized recommendation. 

To learn more about concierge primary care, schedule a consultation online or over the phone at Temecula Medical Group. 

*Depending on tier

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