5 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

5 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

The advent of a new year is always a great time to review the areas of your life where you want to make improvements. It should come as no surprise that weight loss ranks among the more common new year's resolutions, yet two out of three people in the United States are still overweight.

One of the issues is that people embark on weight loss without the science and tools they need. To increase your chances for success, Temecula Medical Group, located in Temecula, California, offers medical weight loss services tailored to your unique needs. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Rawson, our team has helped scores of people reach and maintain their weight loss goals. We can do the same for you!

To give you an idea about why medical weight loss programs are so effective, we outline five benefits here.

1. A tailored program

As we mentioned, we tailor our weight loss programs to your unique needs and circumstances. While following a popular weight loss program can deliver some benefits, these plans lack personalization. Through our medical weight loss program, we take the time to evaluate your health, medical history, and lifestyle to create a weight loss program that will work best for you.

2. Eating right

It’s all well and good to say that to lose weight, you have to cut calories. While this statement may be true, the actions required to do this are anything but easy to figure out.

Through our nutritional counseling and dietary plans, we design an eating program that will transform your diet into one that’s nutrient-rich and calorie-poor instead of the other way around. In other words, cutting calories is only one step toward healthier eating, and you should do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your nutritional needs.

3. Exercising smart

Another key to weight loss is exercise, but you need to exercise smart. While aerobic exercise burns calories, we also want you to gain muscle mass, which can increase your resting metabolism.

Through our medical weight loss program, we show you how to best accomplish both objectives — burning calories and building muscle.

4. Changing eating habits

Aside from exercising more and eating better, finding ways to change some of your eating habits is crucial for weight loss. For example, if you’re often on the road, you may default to drive-thru or convenience store foods. Or, perhaps you’re prone to late-night snacking. 

We examine these areas along with others and help you devise alternative solutions for less-than-ideal eating habits.

5. Support and accountability

The final benefit of our weight loss programs is an important one — we provide you with ongoing support, encouragement, and the occasional push to keep you on track.

That type of support and accountability can make all the difference when you’re facing something as significant as weight loss.

If you’d like to make this the year when you take charge of your health through weight loss, contact our office in Temecula, California, to learn more about medical weight loss.

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